Chinese visitors’ arrest in Japan triggers debate in China

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-9-28 20:38:01

Misbehavior by some Chinese tourists

A Japanese shop assistant got beaten after he asked a "rude" Chinese tourist to leave the shop, the Kyodo News reported on Saturday.

The attack took place in a convenience store in Sapporo, Japan, where a Chinese woman surnamed Zhao ate an ice cream before paying for it. Her apparently rude behavior irritated the shop assistant, who immediately told her to leave. Feeling humiliated, Zhao's husband surnamed Rong punched the assistant in the face violently while dragging his hair and kicking him.

Police officers arrived to find the shop assistant bleeding with a broken nose. The Chinese couple was arrested for the violent act.

The couple was on a honeymoon trip to Japan when the incident happened, according to the report.

The boorish behavior of the Chinese couple drew rebukes from many Chinese on social media. "They should have learnt some basic etiquette before going abroad; as a Chinese I feel quite shameful for them," a netizen wrote on Sina Weibo.

Some defended the husband's action, blaming the shop assistant. "The shop assistant was rude in asking the customer to leave; he should have told the couple the rules instead," wrote another social media user.

Misbehavior by some Chinese tourists has severely damaged the nation's image abroad. Chinese government has announced that a black list for misbehaved tourists will soon be created, aiming to curb violent incidents or disruptive behavior by Chinese tourists travelling abroad.

Global Times

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