A fabricated missing teenager story is cleared by facts

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-10-16 0:23:01

News that Bao Zhuoxuan, the 16-year-old son of detained rights lawyer Wang Yu, had gone missing in Myanmar has been hyped by the Western media in recent days. Local police in Yunnan Province told the Global Times that two men played tricks to win Bao's trust and smuggled him into the chaotic region of northern Myanmar. The teenager's guardians opposed his studying abroad.

The police presented us with testimony from the guardians. Bao is still under age, and legally he has no capacity to make important decisions. The police also said that Bao is innocent although his parents are suspected criminals. As long as his guardians permit, he could go abroad for study through proper channels. Bao now is being taken care of by his guardians in Inner Mongolia, and has been enrolled into a local school. The Western media claimed that Bao's legitimate rights had been severely invaded, including being threatened and harassed. The police flatly denied such accusations.  

Violations to the rights of criminals' children because of their parents' crimes are incredible in today's China. Even if such a case happens at the grass-roots level, the victims could seek help from various channels.

Why did overseas forces hastily smuggle Bao to the turbulent region of northern Myanmar shortly after his parents were arrested? Would those who really care for the teenager throw him in such danger? The only explanation is that this was a plot by external forces, who forcibly drew a minor into the vortex of politics and used the case to vilify China's rule of law. What an emotional story that a teenager, after his parents were arrested, fled to the free world of the West by the way of a war-torn region with the aid of "democratic activists." 

Although Wang Yu and her husband are in custody, they can safeguard their legal rights in accordance with the law and their child particularly deserves a normal life. This is also the wish of the Chinese public.  

Bao's case sends us a warning that some external forces are expecting each moment to make an issue of China's rule of law. They even fabricate the dark side. The Chinese police should handle cases strictly in accordance with the law. If Western forces wage public opinion attacks by publishing false stories, we should be able to clarify the facts in short order. 

The West views China's political system negatively, so it doesn't endorse China's rule of law. For the West, their values are the real laws China must abide by, and all activists following the Western way should be granted immunity from prosecution. Some Western forces attack the Chinese judicial system out of political purposes, but China will never yield to them. 

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