‘Return on a Snowy Night’ for Beijing stage

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-10-18 16:48:01

Chinese classic drama Return on a Snowy Night, a signature work by script writer Wu Zuguang, was staged as Ping Opera at the China Theater on Thursday October 15, for two days, to mark the close of the Beijing Art Fair. The original script, created in 1942 and hailed as a classic drama, has been adopted into various art forms from Peking Opera to ballet. Wu Huan, son of Wu Zuguang recreated the story for Ping Opera in 2012 and invited performers Wang Xiangli and Chang Dong for the two performances. The drama portrays a renowned Peking Opera performer Wei Liansheng, who gained much popularity among high society and formed an exaggerated sense of his own importance. After learning that he is only a toy in the eyes of the officials and noble families, he chooses to leave on a snowy night. Director Chen Jianli, who also did the ballet version, said at the press conference before the performance that, "xiqu is a clean and clear stage art form, which inherits the essence of Chinese traditional culture."

Wu said that although the drama has been staged for more than 70 years, he thinks it is still his obligation to pass it down. According to critics, casting a real Peking Opera performer, Chang Dong, who has won numerous awards in Peking Opera area, to play Wei was a smart move.

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