Opera on Pushkin's fairy tale to hit China's National Theater

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-11-4 14:10:53

An opera adapted from the enduring fable of "The Fisherman and Golden Fish" by the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin will hit the China National Theater from November 10 to 20.

This is the theater's first original play targeting a young audience. Renowned composer Mo Fan has been invited to write the music and screenplay.

Mo said the opera would be fun for children and the music will contain Chinese influence.

The folktale is about a fisherman's wife who discovers a magic fish but is never satisfied with its offerings.

Director of the opera Shen Liang said both young and adult audiences will find something they love about the performance.

Mo said this version takes place in both Europe and a small coastal village in east China's Fujian province, which he hopes will help young audiences connect with the play.

Western classic operas are often considered as high-quality and sophisticated and are generally popular in China.

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