‘The Double Bass’ from Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre comes to Beijing

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-11-5 22:38:01

The Double Bass (Der Kontrabass), a play by German playwright Patrick Suskind that focuses on the life and fate of a nobody, was staged at the Beijing People's Art Theatre on Wednesday, allowing the capital's audience to feel the charm of the play that features one instrument and one actor.

Directed by Yang Yi from the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, The Double Bass is part of a series of plays visiting Beijing from October 12 to November 15 to celebrate the center's 20th year in existence.

The play tells the story of a double bass player who makes friends with his musical instrument and later finds himself on the brink of society due to a lack of social skills. Even though it is a story between the player and his double bass, there is no shortage of brilliant "dialogues" during the 90-minute performance.

Han Xiuyi, the actor, used body language and lines centered on the double bass to depict changes in emotion, making the instrument a wonderful supporting actor on stage.

Suited for small theaters, the piece explores the struggle and pain deep in the heart of ordinary people.

The Double Bass will play until Sunday at the Beijing People's Art Theatre. It will be followed by The Crowd, another play from the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, from November 11-15.

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