Aussie meat processors want government-controlled halal certification system

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-11-10 13:02:46

A number of Australia's biggest meat producers are petitioning the government to take over the nation's halal certification system.

Local media reported on Tuesday that 10 of Australia's largest meat processing companies have written to the government, in an attempt to streamline certification from the current, inconsistent system.

Muslim nations currently have the jurisdiction over the Australian beef, which is causing what the meat processors describe as "market access failures" and "continued lack of confidence."

They say that current measures leave them at risk of losing market access if the importers -- based in a halal nation -- lose faith in the business. They argue that it opens up the possibility of a halal monopoly, leaving companies at risk of losing money if an importer decides it doesn't want the products from a particular supplier.

The meat processors claim the halal practices are consistent throughout Australia, and a government-controlled system would alleviate any risks to business.

Last year, 65 percent of Australia's beef was exported, with a large contingent of that heading to nations such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia -- all which require some form of halal certification.

Halal slaughter is required by Islamic law, and it requires the animal's throat to be cut swiftly and with a sharp blade to minimize suffering.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is currently overseeing a Senate inquiry into Australian halal certification.

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