Beijing People’s Art Theatre stages classic plays to memorialize famed director Jiao Yuyin

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-11-11 18:28:01

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of veteran director Jiao Juyin on December 11, the Beijing People's Art Theatre has begun staging Longxugou (Life in a Day), a play Jiao, a founding member of the Beijing People's Art Theatre, was the first to direct.

One of the theater's classic works, Longxugou has been performed on stage at the theater for more than 60 years. Written by Lao She in 1949, the play uses a polluted river in the south of Beijing to develop the story of the people living near or on its banks. Through the depiction of the lives of ordinary people living near the river, the play explores the major changes for the better that took place in people's lives after the establishment of the PRC.

Since Jiao first brought the play to the stage in 1951, before the establishment of the Beijing People's Art Theatre, many regard the play as a crucial part of the theater's foundation.

In 2009, Gu Wei began directing the version of the play that continues to be performed today. According to Gu, the work still attracts theatergoers because "Jiao started the tradition of using ordinary people's life experiences in Longxugou, and has influenced a large number of artists today."

In addition to Longxugou, the Beijing People's Art Theatre will also stage two other classics formerly directed by Jiao, Cai Wenji and Tea House, in remembrance of the director. Meanwhile, other memorial activities, including a picture exhibition, will also be launched to display the director's years of creativity throughout his career.

Performances of Longxugou are scheduled to end on November 15.

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