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Source:Global Times Published: 2015-11-19 22:43:03

Families from the residential compound prepare dishes as part of the competition. Photo: Courtesy of Zhang Xu

A woman presents dishes she cooked as part of a culinary competition at Maoyuan Hongxitai residential compound in Beijing on Saturday. Photo: Courtesy of Zhang Xu

Eating out is very common among young people in cities like Beijing. Living a pressing lifestyle, many choose to take their meals at restaurants. Looking to change this situation, since late October, Maoyuan Real Estate has been holding series of culinary skill contests to encourage people, especially young people, to cook meals by themselves so they can be better prepared when they start their own families.

On Saturday, a contest between a team of families in Maoyuan Hongxitai residential compound and a team of journalists attracted a huge crowd of onlookers. Judged based on taste, presentation and creativity, the dishes prepared at the contest didn't just wet the crowd's appetite, but also dazzled the eyes with their appetizing appearance.

"I really enjoy the feeling of cooking with my family and am happy to have the opportunity to talk with my neighbors," said a Maoyuan Hongxitai resident.

"We held this culinary skill contest to popularize the concept of 'Returning to Family Life,'" said Liu Qiang, the marketing director for Maoyuan Real Estate.

"It's important for us to promote this concept no matter when we are building houses or establishing new community relations."

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