Father says fishermen wanted 18k to pull son’s body from river as it is ‘unlucky’

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-12-8 19:53:01

The corpse of a Sichuan man who committed suicide floated in a river for six days until his parents scraped together enough money to pay fishermen to pull him out.

Deng Shuchao, from Wula village under the city of Panzhihua, jumped into the Jinsha River on November 30 and his body was spotted by fishermen on Thursday. However, his parents could not afford to pay the fishermen the high price they demanded to pull him out, local newspaper West China City Daily reported Tuesday.

Local police concluded that the 25-year-old man had committed suicide and after a police-mediated negotiation, the couple eventually paid 5,400 yuan ($842) to the fishermen on Sunday. Deng's father told the newspaper that the money was borrowed from their relatives.

"They first asked for 18,000 yuan," said Deng's father.

"There were six fishermen. I pleaded with them, cried and offered them 200 yuan each. But they still rejected me," Deng said. The fishermen told the newspaper that salvaging corpses is unlucky and that their demands were reasonable.

Wu Xuesong, a local lawyer, suggested the government establish a non-profit foundation to help pull bodies from rivers.

In 2009, three college students from Hubei Province drowned while saving two boys from a river. Their classmates paid fishermen 36,000 yuan to have their corpses removed from the river, according to previous reports.

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