New Juyin Theater celebrates the 110th anniversary of theater director Jiao Juyin’s birth

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-12-13 17:33:01

Friday marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of Jiao Juyin, one of the founders of the Beijing People's Art Theatre and former general director for the theater. To mark the occasion, the third theater built by Beijing People's Art Theatre, the Juyin Theater, was unveiled to the public on that same day.

The first theater in China named after a director, the Juyin Theater will focus on public welfare projects and promot the spread of theater among the public.

The two-floor professional theater is located just a kilometer away from the Capital Theatre. Housing more than 100 seats, it will also function as a center for lectures, art salons and art exchanges.

Compared to the Capital Theatre and the Experiment Theatre, the Juyin Theater stands out with its role in promoting theater education among the public and providing a platform for art exchanges among lovers of theater and amateur groups. By launching art education activities and allowing more people to participate in the creation of plays, the theater hopes to bring the art form closer to people's lives. Additionally, it will also provide a platform to explore the different forms plays may take.

As a demonstration of its goals, scenes from Tea House, a classic play first directed by Jiao, were performed on opening night by amateur performers aged 8 to 68, including students from local universities.

Performers rehearsed their scenes for two months. Although performed by amateur performers, rehearsals and final performances were all conducted under the guidance of professional directors and veteran actors from the Beijing People's Art Theatre while all the props used were on loan from the Beijing People's Art Theatre's version of Tea House.

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