China to form 300-member nuclear emergency rescue team

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016-1-27 12:40:54

China plans to establish a new national nuclear emergency rescue team of about 300 members, a white paper on its nuclear emergency preparedness said on Wednesday.

The team will respond to serious nuclear accidents and international rescue operations, said the white paper issued by the State Council Information Office.

The country's nuclear emergency rescue network is "of a proper scale, well-coordinated and of a rational layout," the white paper said.

The network is divided into military and civilian ones and the civilian network is made up of three levels, the national, provincial and nuclear installation operators.

China has already founded more than 30 national professional rescue teams who respond to different types of rescue missions in different regions, the white paper said.

It has built eight types of nuclear emergency technical support centers for radiation monitoring, radiation prevention, medical rescue, aviation monitoring, marine radiation monitoring, meteorological monitoring and forecasting, decision-making aid and response action, along with three training bases.

As an important part of the national rescue force and aid to the civilian emergency response network, China's armed forces have "scored brilliant achievements in building up its nuclear emergency response capabilities," the white paper said.

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, where nuclear power plants are located, have had their own emergency response forces, including radiation monitoring, medical treatment, decontamination, evacuation, rescue and technical support. Their forces are connected with emergency control departments of nuclear facilities in their jurisdiction.

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