Food poisoning fatalities drop in Vietnam in January

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016-2-1 13:14:45

Vietnam's Health Ministry said on Monday that a total of 637 people were affected by food poisoning in January this year and one of them had died.

In January 2015, the country registered five food poisoning cases, which involved 319 people and five of them died.

According to the ministry, 5,300 dengue fever patients were detected in Vietnam last month, 2.3 times higher than a year earlier. There were also nearly 1,300 foot-and-mouth disease sufferers, down 18 percent, and five viral encephalitis cases, up 25 percent.

The Southeast Asian country registered 1,100 HIV carriers in January this year, bringing the total to 227,200, including 84,500 AIDS patients.

Some 86,600 AIDS patients have died since the first HIV case was reported in the country in December 1990.

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