Foreign Minister sends candid message

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-8 21:59:02

A thorough understanding of China deserves the attention of the entire world. For a long time, the Western world has dominated the public discourse about how to interpret this country. China's intent and purpose of its actions are always distorted or fragmented. An objective view of China does not only benefit the country itself, but also serves as a foundation for cooperation between Beijing and the outside.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, at a press conference on Tuesday in Beijing, answered a record 19 questions. Most of these questions were sharp and incisive, touching on hotspot issues of Chinese diplomacy. Journalists cut the formalities and went straight to the core of the questions. For example, a Global Times reporter asked whether North Korea is China's buffer zone or burden, and if there is a war on the Korean Peninsula, whether China will engage in it like it did 66 years ago.

Wang gave candid and forthright answers, which are no longer diplomatic rhetoric. His language could be easily understood and, more importantly, shared by the public. Wang's remark constitutes a true profile of China's diplomacy.

China's diplomacy has long-faced criticism from both in and outside the country. Public opinion in the West and neighboring countries blamed China's assertiveness, while the Chinese public thinks the country's diplomacy is too soft. Such complaints from both sides stem from different stances.

This time, at least the Chinese public understood the determination Wang has demonstrated in safeguarding national interests. He stressed cooperation and reciprocity, and asked for peaceful resolution of disputes with major powers and neighbors. His remarks are appreciated by the majority of the Chinese.

The question is how the outside world, especially the US and Japan, will interpret his message. We wish those agencies of the West can listen to his words with willingness to improve understanding and reduce misjudgment. Garbling Wang's words with prejudice will only send out distorted information. The foreign minister's press conference at the annual two sessions is the most comprehensive foreign policy manifesto of China.

China is committed to peaceful development, and also needs to protect its own interests. Positioned in an international system dominated by other countries, with many longstanding issues to deal with, it's a daunting challenge to be a big power like China.

China will never take the expansionist path of traditional big powers, nor will it resort to power politics, Wang stressed at today's press conference. These messages are worthy of our trust.

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