Kenya right to extradite Taiwan suspects to mainland

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-4-13 0:33:01

Taiwan's "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" criticized the Chinese mainland Monday after eight out 23 Taiwanese people were deported from Kenya to the Chinese mainland following their acquittal on telecommunications fraud charges. The news, hyped up by the Taiwanese media, soon became a focus of attention on the island. The Taiwan government has demanded the mainland immediately return the eight to Taiwan.

Taiwan's public opinion sphere has launched strong protests and criticism against the mainland's "illegal abduction." However, Taiwan's judiciary authority acknowledged Tuesday that although the eight Taiwanese were acquitted of unlicensed business activities related to telecommunications, they still face charges of fraud, and the mainland's extradition conforms to international laws.

It is not news that some Taiwanese involve themselves in telecommunications fraud, with mostly mainland people as victims. Mainlanders' losses reached NY$500 million ($15.4 million) reportedly.

The responses from the Taiwanese public opinion sphere, especially the pro-independence media, is politicized, which, to a large extent, has contributed to the local authorities' attitude. The pro-independence camp always associates cross-Straits disputes with the mainland "suppressing" Taiwan, provoking "anti-mainland" sentiments on the island to the maximum.

It is indisputable, both in law and in the One China policy, that the Chinese mainland can extradite the eight Taiwanese involved in the fraud charges. The mainland's handling of the case is supported by international laws.

As the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will take office soon, the radical forces on the island are increasingly active and arrogant. Targeting the mainland and the One China policy, they are responsible for the surging number of petty actions on the island.

The mainland needs to respond firmly to the radical pro-independence forces of Taiwan. The mainland has many more tools at its disposal now to punish these forces, compared with 16 years ago when Chen Shui-bian came to power. The mainland won't intentionally seek trouble with the other side, even after the DPP assumes power.

But the new Taiwan administration must hold itself with dignity, exercising restraint and opposition to the extreme show of radical forces. The mainland will be able to see clearly if the new administration is appeasing them.

As the DPP moves closer to taking office, Taiwan is shrouded in an aggressive atmosphere.

Whether Taiwanese are allowed to use a "Republic of Taiwan" sticker on their passport is being debated in the legislative body. Now Taiwan is making a fuss about the mainland extraditing Taiwan suspects from abroad. Don't expect the mainland to yield to these disgraceful acts.

Taiwanese society should pursue dignity from development and progress, not from "national sovereignty." The latter is an illusion to Taiwan which the DPP is trying to sell.

Taiwan should approach this latest incident from a cross-Straits judiciary cooperation perspective and negotiate with the mainland. It is important that the Taiwan side does not politicize the matter.

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