Huangtaiji expands to food delivery

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-4-26 18:53:01

He Chang, the founder of Huangtaiji, introduces the company's future plan. Photo: Courtesy of Huangtaiji

Huangtaiji, an Internet venture specializing in selling Chinese traditional pancake, has accelerated its expansion into food delivery business, after inviting famous food chains including Huangjihuang and Zaihuangbao to its own food delivery platform.

Almost 30 food brands with over a hundred quality dishes are now available for orders on Huangtaiji's app. Backing the business is a food plant established by Huangtaiji to produce and assemble the food. Cooperation with famous food chains helps Huangtaiji provide quality food to consumers, according to He Chang, the founder of Huangtaiji. The operator will open its first store in Sydney, Australia in June.

Global Times

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