Student says police spanked him

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/5/18 21:28:01

The public security bureau of Lanzhou's Yuzhong county, Northwest China's Gansu Province announced Tuesday that they have detained two police officers who beat and seriously injured two college students after they were filmed kicking one of the pair.

According to a report from news site on Tuesday, Xiao Peng (pseudonym) said that he was attacked by  police after they saw that he was filming them beat another man.

A video, reportedly of the incident, has gone viral on Sina Weibo, which shows a man being led to a police car by officers and then being kicked by police after refusing to get into the vehicle. The officers then spot someone filming them and demand the cameraman's phone.

Peng said that he was the one filming the video and the man who was being forced into the car was his high school classmate.

According to Peng, they were then forced to go back to the police station in the township of Heping in Yuzhong and were slapped and spanked for refusing to hand over the video.

Pictures posted online allegedly show Peng's severely bruised buttocks.

Local police confirmed the incident on their Sina Weibo account on Tuesday night, saying that the disciplinary authorities have intervened in the case and will handle it "seriously."

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