19th annual Shanghai international movie fest includes eight Japanese flicks

By Liao Fangzhou Source:Global Times Published: 2016-6-2 19:08:01

Japan Film Week, part of the 19th annual Shanghai International Film Festival, will be held between June 11-19 with eight movies and two special screenings.

Geng Zhong, head of the committee for the Japan Film Week, told the Global Times that since this year's event marks the beginning of a new decade, extra efforts were made during the films' selection process.

However, Geng said that due to the growing number of Japanese films that have entered the film fest's competition, there has been some "conflicts and limitations" when it comes to which movies are selected.

"Nevertheless, we were able to listen to various experts and respected recommendations from different production companies, and came up with eight films that can be put under the theme of 'life,'" Geng said.

Geng added that global audiences now have direct access to Japan's social and entertainment environment and can fully grasp modern Japanese life in all its pressures, vitalities and charms.

Not to be missed

Japan Film Week will begin with Kan Ishibashi's A Living Promise (2016), which follows a workaholic IT company CEO who takes time off to visit a troubled friend's hometown which changes his outlook on life.

It is quite natural for manga-adapted films to have a place in Japan Film Week, and this year's pick is Assassination Classroom (2015), a live-action version of Yusei Matsui's series following the lives of a powerful, octopus-like teacher and his students who are devoted to the task of assassinating him in order to protect Earth from being destroyed.

Fans of ultra-famous Japanese actors Takuya Kimura and Keiko Kitagawa, simultaneously one of Japan's most popular screen couples, will be thrilled to see their new comedy-drama Hero (2015), a cinematic sequel to the beloved titular TV series.

Horror lovers should not miss JU-ON: The Final Curse (2015), a sequel to JU-ON: The Beginning of the End.

Other films are Library Wars: The Last Mission (2015), Ken San (2016), Galaxy Turnpike (2015) and The Bride of Izumo (2016).

Special screenings

In recognition of the Kumamoto earthquake, a new short film about the region by Kumamoto-born director Isao Yukisada will be played during special screenings. A fundraising event will be held as well.

Another special screening will be the 2004 film Kamikaze Girls, about a self-absorbed countryside girl who fantasizes living in 18th-century Versailles.

Foreign films' subtitles at the Shanghai International Film Festival have long been criticized for their lack of translational professionalism. It is a problem the committee is aware of.

"Japanese translations are handled by a committee of the Shanghai International Film Festival, and we believe that they show some improvement each year by hiring foreign language experts from various universities," Geng told the Global Times.



Posters for some of the movies to be screened during the 2016 Japan Film Week Photos: mtime.com





Some of the Japanese directors and actors who will be guests of 2016 Japan Film Week: Shunya Isaka, Yûta Hiraoka, Hiroshi Horiuchi and Yûichi Hibi Photos: Courtesy of the organizing committee of Japan Film Week

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