Ugly Chinese tourist with cash to burn spurns dong in Vietnam

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/6/20 19:23:00

A Chinese tourist to Vietnam left locals fuming over claims he lit a banknote on fire and threw it at a waitress when she said he couldn't pay a bill in Chinese yuan.

Tourism officials in Danang said Sunday the man in question has since returned to China following the incident at a local nightclub on June 14.

However, there are conflicting reports of the incident.

A spokesman for TV Club said the man was among a group of Chinese who quarreled with employees after their waitress requested they settle their bill with Vietnamese dong, reported the Thanh Nien News.

Tempers flared as the group, claiming they had spent all their local currency, insisted on paying with yuan.

When the club finally accepted the yuan as payment, the tourist took out a 200,000-dong bill ($8.93), lit it and tossed it at the waitress, the spokesman told the Ho Chi Minh city-based paper.

But according to Tuoi Tre News, the waitress, enraged after spotting the tourist burn the banknote, had asked the group to pay their bill and leave.

But the paper did not give a reason as to why the man burned the banknote.

Destroying legal tender in Vietnam is punishable with a maximum fine of 15 million dong ($1500).

News of the incident was picked up by Beijng-based Monday, sparking heated discussions on Sina Weibo."It's shameful for China," wrote a user.

"He should be detained by local police," another said.

Others called for further details and follow-ups of the report.

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