Smash Nigerian musical set to hit London stage

Source:AFP Published: 2016/7/6 19:03:02

Love, power, money and thwarted dreams - all set to an Afrobeat. Those are the essential ingredients of Wakaa! The Musical, a Nigerian stage production set to hit London later this month.

A runaway success in Lagos last year, the musical follows the fate of a group of young graduates who strike a wager before setting out on their chosen paths in life.

Now, after winning wave reviews at home, the production is set to transfer to the London stage.

Through its four characters - Kike, Tosan, Ngozi and Rex - London audiences will get a taste of life as lived by young Nigerians today.

From the idealism of a young doctor and a political mover and shaker to the get-rich-quick dreams of a sunny-natured dancer and the gilded existence of a rich businessman's daughter, Wakaa explores their trials and successes, all with a healthy dose of political satire thrown in.

Wakaa! The Musical, which played to 9,000 people in a 12-performance run in Lagos last December, will open at the Shaw Theatre in London on July 21.

The musical is the first time a Nigerian theater production has transferred to London.

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