Popular show ‘Wuma’ gives horses summer break

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/7/12 19:03:00

After performing 70 shows in Beijing since April 28, Wuma, the Chinese edition of the world-renowned equestrian show Cavalia, is taking a break for the remainder of July, according to a press release sent to the Global Times. The show is scheduled to return to Beijing's Chaoyang Park on August 10.

The show, which features performances by 40 horses and their riders set to live music and combined with multimedia backgrounds, has been a huge hit in Beijing since its premiere. 

According to the statistics from SINOCAP, a major investor in the show, a total of 105,000 people have come to see the show. Of these, 40 percent are adult women and 43 percent are children.

The show has also attracted more than 200 celebrities to join audiences. Movie and showbiz stars such as Yao Chen and Zhang Guoli have enjoyed watching the performance.

Prior to arriving in Beijing, Cavalia, which holds performances seven days a week, had never stayed in the same place for more than eight weeks in its entire 13-year history, as such its 10-week run in Beijing has set a new record.

Organizers explained that the break was meant to give the horses some time to relax.

In the press release, Chen Zesheng, president of SINOCAP, emphasized the marketing power of the show, stating that as a global IP Cavalia has the potential for multiple derivative products such as film and mobile game adaptations and even a line of ice cream.

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