US drone attack kills 5 IS militants in Afghanistan

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/7/20 13:46:06

Some five militants of the Islamic State (IS) were killed in a fresh US drone strike in Afghanistan's eastern province of Nangarhar overnight, the provincial government said on Wednesday.

"The coalition forces' pilotless planes struck a militants' hideout in Bandaar locality, Achin district last night. As a result five IS militants were killed," it said in a statement.

The air attack also destroyed several rounds of weapons and ammunition of the militants, the statement said, adding no civilian was hurt after the attack.

The violence has declined over the recent weeks as Afghan security forces have beefed up security operations and NATO-led forces increased drone attacks against militants across the country.

Achin district bordering Pakistan is a known IS stronghold in the province with Jalalabad city as its capital, 120 km east of Afghan capital of Kabul.

The militant group has yet to make comments.

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