Beijing’s Stage Production Performing Season to return in August

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/7/24 18:18:01

Starting from August 2, this year's Stage Production Performing Season will return to small theaters in Beijing with the theme Beijing Story, according to a press release from the event organizers on Saturday.

Throughout the month-long event, 11 dramas and nine traditional Chinese opera productions will be staged in well-known theaters throughout Beijing, including the Pioneer Theater, Star Theater and Xiaoke Theatre.

According to the organizers, the Beijing Municipal Culture Bureau, the season will feature two sections, one focused on remakes of traditional operas, and another on modern stage works.

Among these, the Peking Opera Story of the Ming Dynasty by the Beijing Jingju Troupe intends to break routine from tradition by mainly focusing on the opera's dialogue instead of the sung portions of the work. 

Three Kunqu Opera works have been scheduled, including Wangxiang, an adaptation of the Chinese folk story Su Wu Tending Sheep, and Duanchangci, about the heartbreaking romance between Song Dynasty (960-1279) poet Zhu Shuzhen and her lover Wei Zhonggong. 

Junction of Three Road 2016, the season's most experimental work, merges traditional Peking Opera story and acrobatics with Western contemporary dance.

Ticket prices range from 50-280 yuan ($7.50-$42).

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