‘The Silk Princess’ to dance its way to the National Centre for the Performing Arts this weekend

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/7/28 19:43:00

A scene from The Silk Princess Photo: Courtesy of Dongfang

Original Chinese dance drama The Silk Princess will be staged at the National Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday and Sunday night, according to a press release by the Xi'an Performing Arts Group, the troupe behind the performance.

The show is based on traditional stories set along the Silk Road around 1,300 years ago, as well as a 6th century wood panel painting from the British Museum's collection known as The Story of the Silk Princess.

The five-act dance drama, which the Xi'an Performing Arts Group worked on for three years, centers on a princess married off to a family in a country along the Silk Road. Arriving at her new home, she brings advanced silk and farming techniques to the local people, greatly improving their lives.

In addition to pulling inspiration from actual historical records, the show also based its dance choreography and clothing on Tang Dynasty (618-907) poetry and paintings.

An important art project funded by the National Art Foundation, the show involves the dream team of famous director Zuo Qing and dance scholar Wen Ying.

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