China marks CPC's 95th anniversary

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2016-7-9 23:18:55

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CPC membership

Membership fees

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The economy should be developed in a more effective, equitable and sustainable fashion and with higher quality.
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Reform is a revolution that aims to rectify the system and challenge vested interests. There is no way to do it other than using real swords and spears.
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 Grass-root strength
The CPC needs quality talents, particularly high-end talents, but meanwhile, it needs to focus on absorbing excellent frontline people too like migrant workers.
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Economic growth is certainly important for most Chinese people, but education, the environment, corruption, and legal justice matter just as much as growth. 
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 Global governance
It's for the people of all countries to decide through consultations what international order and global governance systems can benefit the world and people of all nations.
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 CPC in private companies
The private sector Party committees are more than a reflection of the CPC's engagement with the public; it's also expected to help propel the companies' growth.
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 Membership fees
The collection of membership dues has been recently questioned as it is no longer a major financial source to support running the Party.Transparent expenditure of the fees is another concern of the public.
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The Communist Party of China's (CPC) graft watchdog has solicited opinions from officials for the formulation of a new intra-party liability regulation. 
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Release grass-roots energy to rekindle reform

Officials should spur themselves to keep a positive, accountable attitude.

Building institutions key to CPC governance

The CPC has followed the mass line and carried out a number of people-oriented activities.

CPC determined to strictly, comprehensively, concretely govern itself

The CPC is consistently on a path toward comprehensively and strictly governing itself, said Xi Jinping, Chinese president and general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, during a key meeting of the country’s top anti-graft watchdog on January 12th.

Party discipline essential to fight terrorism in Xinjiang

Ethnic unity is always the mainstream ideal for the Party and government.


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