China's foreign aid outlined in latest white paper report

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2014-7-10 19:29:11

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           Foreign Aid

           Improving Lives

 Promoting agricultural development
 Improving education
 Improving medical and health services
 Building public welfare facilities
 Humanitarian aid

           Economic and Social 

 Improving infrastructure
China assisted in the construction of
 →over 70 transportation projects
 →over 20 energy projects
 →over 60 IT-related projects
 Strengthening capacity for building
 Promoting trade development
 Strengthening environmental protection

           Regional Foreign Aid

 Promoting a new China-Africa strategic partnership
 Promoting practical cooperation with ASEAN
 Supporting the economic and social development of other regions

           Participation in Intl Exchange 
                and Cooperation

 Supporting development assistance programs of multilateral organizations
 Participating in international exchanges for development cooperation
 Conducting international cooperation in foreign assistance


 China will continue to
 →Increase foreign assistance
 →Further optimize assistance mechanisms
 →Highlight key aspects
 →Innovate new forms of assistance
 →Improve efficiency in spending
 →Help recipient countries to improve their people's lives and increase their capability to develop independently

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