First shot of Japanese invasion rings in China, 77 years later

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45,000 letters, among the documents stored at northeast China's Jilin Provincial Archives, were released days ahead of the 77th anniversary of the July 7 Incident which marked the beginning of China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The letters were all written in Japanese during Japan's aggression into China from 1937 to 1945.

Letters reveal Japanese wartime disillusionment
More documents decoded to reveal Japan's war crimes

A Japanese soldier surnamed Sugimoto
"I simply want to go home! Go Home! I cannot put up with another day here."

Japanese soldier Chosuke
"I want to go back so much but I cannot make it home."

New Japanese emigrant Gunji
"Several days after we arrived at our destination, we know everything [is different from what we had been told]. I feel my dream has been shattered."


China's State Archives Administration is releasing the confessions of 45 Japanese World War Two criminals during the War of Japanese Aggression against China between 1937 and 1945, one a day.

Japanese war crimes' confession on aggression against China
China publicizes second war criminal confessions
China reveals confessions of war criminals
China publicizes confessions by Japanese war criminals

Shigeru Fujita
"I told all officers, 'Killing people is a quick way to get soldiers accustomed to the battlefield, as it can test their courage. For this purpose, it is better to use the captives…’ Under my command, soldiers drove all inhabitants together and bayoneted them to death, they also burned all their houses."


China launched a digital library on the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) on June 30, a week before the 77th anniversary since the conflict broke out. It features photographs of artifacts preserved in the museum, including diaries, letters and guns, among other items.

China launches digital library on Anti-Japanese War

            Lugou Bridge:
                           A Witness to History


War anniversary time to reflect on past

China's high-profile commemorative events of the July 7 incident not only aim to restore historical truth, but also remind us to gain more strength and wisdom.

China has been in an ever-peaceful and prosperous state. Meanwhile, it bears high strategic pressure in the face of its rejuvenation. International competition is awaiting us, and internal unity is a source of national strength. China has come a long way, while strategically, we cannot afford to sit idle.

However, nowadays many Chinese young people are in a confused state. This makes us realize that modernization and economic prosperity do not mean we have reached the same level of spiritual development.

Japan’s new policies hark back to era of unbridled aggression in Asia

Beijing always tries to develop a strategic partnership of mutual benefits with its neighboring country, but a dangerous Tokyo has wasted many precious chances to build sound bilateral ties amid its endless provocations.

As one of the important players in Asia and on world arena, it is high time for Japan to face up to its aggression in history and pursue the path of peaceful development instead of angering the region with rounds and rounds of irresponsible words and provocative policies.

77 years on, Japan still fails to introspect

Born in an island country with limited natural resources, Japanese people are respected for their diligence and energy-saving awareness. However, there are always a small number of people who attempt to loot the resources of other countries by way of invasion, bringing catastrophe to neighbors including the Korean Peninsula, India, Vietnam, the Philippines and China.

Decades have passed. With the common efforts of government leaders and civilians who cherish peace, China and Japan have greatly strengthened economic ties and cultural exchanges by putting hatred behind them. But some in Japan are now always trying to disturb the international postwar order by ignoring history, something no peace lover in either country wants to see.

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