Philippine Presidential Election 2016

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Duterte sends welcoming signs on Sino-Philippine ties

No matter who the Philippines' president is, it's impossible for the country to totally abandon US defensive support. But one-sided ...

US destroyer's South China Sea show an insipid affair

If the South China Sea eventually becomes the main stage for strategic rivalries between China and the US, it will ...

Duterte may have limited room for change on maritime disputes

With his “big mouth,” Duterte is seen by many as the “Donald Trump of the Philippines.” His victory reflects Philippine ...

Unfair verdict may cause UNCLOS crisis

If they make a big fuss of the verdict and force China to accept it, the South China Sea will ...

Duterte may shift Manila's foreign policy

Many believe that whoever assumes office will adjust the nations' unscrupulous policy toward China.

              China-Philippines Disputes

 Despite their differences, all candidates support the South China Sea arbitration case brought by Manila and currently under consideration at The Hague, and would like to "uphold the sovereignty" of the Philippines in the disputed waters, Li said.
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 China on May 6 reiterated its stance of non-acceptance and non-participation in the South China Sea arbitration case, adding that the case is a "political farce" unilaterally brought up by the Philippines to cover up its acts of illegal encroachment of Chinese territory. Read more

 China said on May 5 the door for dialogue with the Philippines on the South China Sea is always open, refuting the country's argument that bilateral dialogue has come to an end. Read more

 In late October, 2015, the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Tribunal issued the Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility in the Philippines-China arbitration case.

The Tribunal has failed the principles of justice. Read more

 The Philippines has long pinned its hopes on the international community to woo sympathy for its groundless claim for some of China's islands in the South China Sea.

However, facts speak louder than words. The following are ironclad facts about Manila's notorious acts of illegal encroachment upon China's Nansha Islands. Read more

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