Summer Davos Forum 2016

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              Li Keqiang’s Speech

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang addressed the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016, or Summer Davos Forum, in Tianjin, north China, June 27, 2016.

 Despite unavoidable short-term fluctuations in growth during transition, the Chinese economy will not suffer a "hard landing."

 China is committed to maintaining and developing well the relations between China and the EU as well as the relations between China and UK.

 China will encourage innovation as the world's second largest economy presses for supply-side structural reforms.

 China will cut excess capacity in steel and coal as part of its economic structural reform.

 China will continue opening up its service and general manufacturing sectors and keep the renminbi generally stable within a reasonable and proper range.

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Time to say goodbye

World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab poses for photos with volunteers. The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the Summer Davos, concluded in North China’s Tianjin on Tuesday.

China ‘needs foreign businesses in economic transition’

China will expand market access for foreign investment to help drive industrial upgrades and its economic transition, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.

Opening-up, reforms to support nation’s growth

The nation is under rising pressure due to the sluggish world economic environment, and the country is expected to continue to open up and deepen reforms to maintain growth, an official noted Tuesday at the annual Summer Davos held in North China’s Tianjin.

Plans address unmet needs, promote benefits

China’s move to initiate two highly publicized programs, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the “One Belt and One Road initiative” (B&R), was a response to unmet needs and not an imposition on other countries, the top official at the newly established multilateral bank said Tuesday.

Premier Li urges economic unity after Brexit

China’s economy will not experience a hard landing despite the uncertainty complicated by Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday, calling for joint efforts to face the challenges.


China positioned well to ride wave of new tech developments

Speaking at this year’s Summer Davos opening ceremony, Premier Li Keqiang put particular emphasis on cultivating China’s new economy as the country moves ahead with economic restructuring, notably transformation and upgrade of traditional industries.

Opportunities in manufacturing are India's to take in next two decades

With the theme of this year’s Summer Davos in Tianjin revolving around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, and its transformational impact, recasting manufacturing has been put on the priority list of the world’s economy, the reform-bound Chinese economy, in particular.

Confidence in China’s economy based on long-term outlook, despite Davos divide

The Chinese economy was a controversial topic at the four-day World Economic Forum, which concluded Saturday in Davos, Switzerland. On one hand, some Western media such as the New York Times pointed out the worries about China’s economy that were expressed at Davos. On the other hand, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said at the forum she remains confident in China’s economy. And The Guardian published an op-ed article with the headline “Don’t blame China for these global economic jitters.”

Innovation, entrepreneurship to lead Chinese economy: Summer Davos attendees

Following a speech by Premier Li Keqiang, economists and business leaders at the Summer Davos forum in the port city of Dalian agreed that innovation and entrepreneurship will become China's new economic drivers.


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China needs growth, and must rely on demand short term, but supply-side reform long term: Vice Minister of Finance Zhu Guangyao

China proposed AIIB and Belt & Road but did not impose them: AIIB President Jin Liqun

Brexit won't have much impact on the local car-hailing business: Uber Technologies Inc CEO Travis Kalanick

We must recognize that efforts to remake the economy are unlikely to materialize in the next year or the near future, but that won't damage investor confidence: Zhang Jinrong, vice president for the Greater China region at ManpowerGroup

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              Basic Info

Time: June 26-28, 2016

Host city: Tianjin, China

Theme: The fourth industrial revolution and its transformational impact

About the New Champions:
At the heart of the "Summer Davos" are the New Champions and their entrepreneurial spirit - exemplary organizations and individuals who have demonstrated their ability to translate societal challenges into value-creating businesses, policies and technologies. The New Champions include Global Growth Companies, Social Entrepreneurs, Technology Pioneers, Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and Young Scientists.

About WEF:
The Geneva-based WEF, established in 1971, is an independent international organization "committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas."

It is best known for its annual meeting at the Swiss winter resort of Davos, while the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China is focused on newly emerging businesses and nations.

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