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 The largest-ever CICA summit kicks off in Shanghai

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Xi defines new Asian security vision at CICA
Chinese President Xi Jinping Wednesday advocated a new security vision for Asia, which stressed the role played by Asians themselves in building security, viewed as a rejection of interference from outside the region.

Asia security should rely on Asians: Xi
China proposes to set up regional security cooperation architecture
Xi urges negotiated settlements at security summit
CICA summit opens in Shanghai
Chinese president greets foreign dignitaries attending CICA summit
Chinese president urges Asian unity
Chinese, Azerbaijani presidents agree to boost ties
China, Russia express 'grave concerns' over Ukraine
China, Russia express concern over information technology misuse
Iranian president leaves Tehran for China to attend CICA
Chinese president greets foreign dignitaries attending CICA summit

Basic Info

Time: May 20-21

Location: Shanghai

Theme: Increasing dialogue, trust and collaboration to build a peaceful, stable and cooperative Asia 

Targets: Promoting communication and trust among relevant parties, gathering consensus and wisdom, and discussing ways to solving pressing issues for Asia

Leaders' Voices

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Describing the hotspot issues that have emerged globally, Xi invoked a traditional Chinese saying that means "tackling one problem only to find another emerging."

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

CICA "is of importance for Iran because of the increasingly significant role of continental and regional meetings in global peace and their impact on interaction between the countries," Rouhani said.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev

The Silk Road started the economic collaboration among Kazakhstan, China and other central Asian countries in the past and it will enhance the understanding and cooperation among those countries in the future.

Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimo

Uzbekistan is willing to actively participate in constructing the Silk Road Economic Belt, promote economic and trade exchanges and interconnectivity and knit Uzbekistan's development more closely with China's prosperity.

Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon

The capital city of Dushanbe will do its best in the construction of the natural gas pipeline between China and Central Asia, and wishes to see China's continued involvement in helping develop Tajikistan's economy and improve its people's livelihoods, said Rakhmon.


Global Times

Trust, collaboration key to Asian security
Security in Asia will eventually be realized through increasing mutual trust and cooperation in this region. We welcome external powers to play a constructive role in this process but object to their biased interference that will only increase the possibility of regional conflicts.

Grand plans for CICA summit can win group international recognition
The CICA summit in Shanghai must not be another mere photo session with Asian leaders in attendance, but an opportunity for a brighter future for the vast majority in Asia and beyond.

Analysts misread role of CICA summit
Many global observers believe that it has shown that China is more prone to compete with the US over the dominance in the Asia-Pacific region and is attempting to reset the regional security pattern by making use of the CICA mechanism initiated by Kazakhstan in 1992. However, comparing China's neighborhood policies with  the "Monroe Doctrine" is a misperception and citing CICA as proof is biased.

Xinhua News Agency
Putin's visit to inject vigor into top-level China-Russia exchanges
Liu Guchang, former Chinese ambassador to Russia, said the strategic mutual trust between China and Russia is at a level never reached before, and leaders of the two countries have been candid with each other and no topics is untouchable whenever they meet.

CICA summit to lend strength to Iran amid sanctions: expert
The Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) summit, to be held in Shanghai on May 20-21, will give Iran more strength to resist western sanctions and build confidence on Iran's nuclear program among Asian countries, Seyed Mohammad Marandi, dean of World Studies Faculty of Tehran University, told Xinhua.

CICA summit to help Asian countries strengthen mutual trust, address hotspot issues
Observers said that China, after taking over the CICA presidency, will inject fresh vitality into the regional mechanism and help Asian countries solve some long-standing issues, including Afghanistan's stability and the Iranian nuclear program.



Putin arrives in Shanghai to start visit to China

President Xi welcomes visiting Kyrgyz counterpart in Shanghai

Iranian president leaves Tehran for China to attend CICA

President Xi welcomes president of Kazakhstan

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