Trade talks top Merkel's 7th visit to China

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2014-7-8 19:47:18

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           Merkel's Visit to China


Beijing, Berlin getting closer despite geographical distance

Merkel earned applause from China last year for her opposition to the EU trade investigation into Chinese mobile telecommunication equipments.

The unusual co-action between the two exporting powerhouses is deeply rooted in their economic complementarity.

Zhang Shengjun, a deputy director of the School of Political and International Studies at Beijing Normal University

Merkel's seventh visit shows that Germany recognizes China's contributions to the world, as well as the importance of bilateral economic cooperation.

Ding Chun, director of the Center for European Studies at Fudan University

China needs urbanization and industrialization to develop its western regions, and Germany has the edge in these sectors. More in-depth cooperation can be expected in fields such as environmental protection, new energy and finance.

Cui Hongjian, director of the department of EU Studies at the China Institute of International Studies

Choosing a city besides the capital for Merkel's first stop indicated a close relations between China and Germany. Merkel, who is a frequent visitor to China, wants to better understand the country by visiting other places. Also, the Chengdu visit also implies that Germany seeks to further develop trade in southwest China. 

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