Thousands participate in HK’s anti-Occupy Central rally

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Thousands protest HK’s Occupy Central
Tens of thousands of people on August 17 turned out in Hong Kong to protest against the upcoming Occupy Central movement that threatens to shut down the city's business hub amid debates over ways to select candidates for the 2017 chief executive election.

Leung opposes Occupy
Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung said he opposes "illicit" means, such as the Occupy Central movement, to achieve universal suffrage in the election of chief executive in 2017, after participating in the Alliance for Peace & Democracy's signature campaign on August 15.

              About the Movement

Organizer: the Alliance for Peace and Democracy
Participants: 193,000
Signatures: The alliance claims to have gathered close to 1.5 million signatures in opposition to the Occupy movement during a month-long petition before the rally.



The Hong Kong government said it welcomes and supports all activities that forward universal suffrage for the chief executive election in 2017 in accordance with the law, and opposes all unlawful acts that affect social order and the betterment of the people.

Hong Kong and Beijing officials repeatedly said that civic nomination is not in accordance with the Basic Law on the grounds that candidates must first be approved by a nominating committee.


Hong Kong's first and current chief executives Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying signed the petition to endorse the anti-Occupy movement.

Beijing's top representative in Hong Kong, Zhang Xiaoming, also expressed his support by citing the petition as "doing Hong Kong a great favor" and "reflecting genuine and strong public opinion."

The protest was also joined by government adviser Cheung Chi-kong, legislator and Hong Kong's former security chief Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee and Chan Wing-kee, businessman and member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Pro-democracy camp
The pro-democracy camp may begin occupying Central in September.
Industry and commerce
Representatives of 35 industries gathered to protest the Occupy Central movement, including transportation, real estate, travel and catering. They called for unified efforts to maintain the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong.
Cheung Ming Man, a famous Hong Kong singer and also deputy of the National People's Congress, performed for participants at a rally.

Alliance spokesperson Robert Chow Yung
"It has been a successful and peaceful rally that has reflected Hong Kong people's stance against the Occupy Central movement and desire for a peaceful election in 2017."
Hong Kong chief executives Leung Chun-ying
Leung stressed his hope that the universal suffrage could take place as scheduled in 2017, and that all illegal actions against the Basic Law should be forbidden, Hong Kong-based The Standard reported.
Gu Minkang, an associate dean of the School of Law at the City University of Hong Kong, also a participant at the rally
"The silent majority of the public has taken to the streets and voiced their opinions. The strong turnout represents the Hong Kong people's desire for the 2017 election to be held smoothly and we don't want violence to happen in the Occupy Central movement that could affect Hong Kong's economy.”
Mohamed Fahmy, Consul General of Egypt in Hong Kong
Fahmy said the Occupy Central movement will lead to continuous turmoil in Hong Kong, which will in turn hurt tourism and investment and damage Hong Kong’s image and economy. Fahmy hoped that young Hong Kongers treat the issue objectively and rationally, Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po reported.
"We want universal suffrage to be held peacefully … We oppose the Occupy Central movement and we don't want violence," said a protester at the anti-Occupy Central march, reported Hong Kong Cable Television.
Another protester said he agrees with the demands raised by the Occupy Central movement, but fears that the protest may become turmoil.
"For our children and families, as well as the peace and prosperity of society, I hope Hong Kong remains stable," said a health care worker surnamed Cao.
Another demonstrator surnamed Chen said that as a businessman, he craves nothing but a sound business environment. The Occupy Central movement will definitely affect the peace and stability of Hong Kong, and "that's why we must boycott it," said Chen.

GT comment: Anti-Occupy march shows HK majority’s view
In Hong Kong where democracy is supposed to be fully developed, some radicals have resorted to street movements such as Occupy Central to express their opinions and impose their will on the whole society, while others also have had to adopt the same methods to show their anti-Occupy Central stance, which will only make the confrontation forces within society become more split and may lead society to run into chaos. If that happens, Hong Kong will have to suffer the undesired political consequences.

GT editorial: Patriotic HK lawyer unfairly targeted
No one in the mainland wants to destroy Hong Kong's democracy. We want Hong Kong to keep its political and cultural characteristics. Hong Kong lawyers should trust the goodwill of mainland society and help consolidate the ties between Hong Kong and mainland society.

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          About Occupy Central

The Occupy Central movement, initiated by scholar Benny Tai Yiu-ting, threatens to paralyze Hong Kong's financial district with a mass sit-in demanding that candidates of the 2017 Hong Kong leadership election be selected through a public nomination.

The Occupy movement organizers in June organized an unofficial referendum and claimed to have collected around 800,000 ballots, followed by the July 1 pro-Occupy Central march which the Civil Human Rights Front claimed to have gathered 500,000 supporters.

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