China’s war on drugs

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Beijing police detained the son of action movie star Jackie Chan for his involvement in a drug case on August 17, making the 32-year-old actor-singer the 8th celebrity held in a drug-related case in 2014.

Despite numerous police anti-drug campaigns, several factors are attributed to China’s increasing drug problem in recent years.

              Related Laws

'Drugs' - Criminal Law(Article 357)
The term "narcotic drugs" as used in the Law refers to opium, heroin, methyl aniline (ice), morphine, marijuana, cocaine and other narcotic and psychotropic substances that are addictive and are controlled under State regulations.
Drug-related crimes - Anti-Drug Law (Article 59, 60, 61, 62, 65, 69)

Where a person commits any of the following acts, which constitutes a crime, he shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; if the case is not serious enough to constitute a crime, a penalty for administration of public security shall be imposed on him according to law:

(1) smuggling, selling, transporting or manufacturing narcotic drugs;

(2) illegally possessing narcotic drugs;

(3) illegally cultivating the mother plants of narcotic drugs;

(4) illegally trafficking in, transporting, carrying or possessing the seeds or seedlings of the mother plants of narcotic drugs, which are not inactivated;

(5) illegally imparting the methods for manufacturing narcotic or psychotropic substances or the chemical materials that can easily be transformed into narcotic drugs;

(6) compelling, or instigating another person to ingest or inject drugs, or luring or inveigling him into doing so; or

(7) providing narcotic drugs to another person.

A person who ingests or injects narcotic drugs shall be given on a penalty for administration of public security according to law. If a drug user goes to the public security organ for registration on his own initiative or goes to a qualified medical institution to receive treatment of drug addiction, he shall be dispensed from any penalty. (click to see the full articles)
Penalties - Criminal Law (Article 347, 348, 349)

Whoever smuggles, traffics in, transports or manufactures narcotic drugs and falls under any of the following categories, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 15 years, life imprisonment or death and also to confiscation of property:

(1) persons who smuggle, traffic in, transport or manufacture opium of not less than 1,000 grams, heroin or methylaniline of not less than 50 grams or other narcotic drugs of large quantities;

(2) ringleaders of gangs engaged in smuggling, trafficking in, transporting or manufacturing narcotic drugs;

(3) persons who shield with arms the smuggling, trafficking in, transporting or manufacturing of narcotic drugs;

(4) persons who violently resist inspection, detention or arrest to a serious extent;

(5) persons involved in organized international drug trafficking. (click to see the full articles)

              Drugs in China

              Related Cases

Beijing police this weekend detained Jaycee Chan, the son of Hong Kong kungfu star Jackie Chan, for his involvement in a drug case.
Actor Gao Hu was arrested in Beijing for marijuana use.
Actor Zhang Mo, son of actor Zhang Guoli, was arrested for marijuana use.
Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung was arrested in Beijing for marijuana use.
Beijing police announced that they had arrested screenwriter and novelist Chen Wanning, 39, on drug charges. Chen confessed that he had been taking crystal meth since December and had consumed some just before his arrest.
Director Zhang Yuan was arrested in Beijing on drug charges.
Li Daimo, a reality TV star, was sentenced to nine months for hosting crystal meth parties at his apartment, according to the Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court.

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