Silly pets that make us laugh out loud

Source: Published: 2017/8/1 17:39:35

Highlights: Take a breath before looking through following photos as they will no doubt make you burst into laughter in seconds. The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, founded by photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Johnson-Hicks MBE, has revealed the finalists for this year’s contest. Photos: VCG

  • Two dogs are caught starring at the camera with innocent eyes in the middle of a fight in Grand Rapids, US. Photo: Nathan Schmidt / Barcroft Images/VCG

  • The owner takes a selfie with her horse, making the same facial expression in Aberdeen, UK. Photo: Georgie Bain / Barcroft Images/ VCG

  • A dog jumps high for fun in Franklin, US. Photo: Jim Zuckerman / Barcroft Images/ VCG

  • A donkey shows its fun side to the camera in Custer State Park, US. Photo: Peggy VanSickle / Barcroft Images/ VCG

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