Before-and-after photos reveal current status of Jiuzhai Valley after 7.0m quake

Source: Published: 2017/8/12 0:41:57

Highlights: Jiuzhai Valley National Park, a UNESCO natural heritage site known for spectacular waterfalls and colorful lakes in Sichuan Province, was hit by a 7.0-magnitude quake on August 8. Before-and-after photos show the earthquake’s destructive power at some of the national park’s most famous scenic spots. While some areas are almost unrecognizable, other areas escaped severe damage. Nuorilang Waterfall and Sparkling Lake were suffered severe damage while the largest and smallest haizi (the local name for a lake) were unaffected. Photos: Cui Meng/Du Liya/GT

  • Top: Nuorilang Waterfall in Jiuzhai Valley National Park is reduced to a single stream on August 11, 2017. Below: The 100-meter wide waterfall in full flow on July 15, 2009. Photo: Cui Meng/Du Liya/GT

  • A comparative photo shows the sharp contrast of Sparkling Lake, the most popular scenic spot in Jiuzhai Valley, before and after the deadly earthquake. Above is the quake-destroyed lake on August 11. Below is the beautiful view of Sparkling Lake on July 16, 2009. Photo: Cui Meng/Du Liya/GT

  • The Long Sea, the largest haizi in Jiuzhai Valley, is seen in the top photo on August 11, unaffected by the tremor. Nearby residents fled the area on Wednesday evening after unfounded rumors spread that the lake had burst its banks. The bottom photo shows a view of the Long Sea from a slightly different angle on October 4, 2004. Photo: Cui Meng/Du Liya/GT

  • Top: The Colorful Pool, the smallest haizi in Jiuzhai Valley, is seen unaffected and as colorful as ever on August 11. Below: The same scenic area captured on July 15, 2009. Photo: Cui Meng/Du Liya/GT

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