Prominent landmarks in East China’s Nanjing

Source: Published: 2017-8-29 18:18:37

Highlights: Located in Jianye District of Nanjing City, East China’s Jiangsu Province, the Nanjing Eye is the first large-scale pedestrian bridge over the Yangtze River. The bridge connects the Hexi Youth Culture and Sports Park and Jiangxinzhou Youth Forest Park. Nanjing Youth Olympic Twin Towers, also known as Nanjing Poly Grand Theatre, is the main architectural component of the Nanjing International Youth Culture Centre. Designed by Zaha Hadid, who was a world renowned architect, the sailboat-shaped building covers an area of over 20,000 square meters and includes a 1917-seat theater, a 500-seat concert hall, VIP lounge and more. Photos: VCG

  • Nanjing Eye Photo: VCG

  • Nanjing Youth Olympic Twin Towers Photo: VCG

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