Photos: Makings of a Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake

Source: Published: 2017/9/3 17:44:19

Highlights: China’s Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be the same without the gifting (and regifting) of mooncakes. Zhucheng Mooncake Factory in Qingdao, Shandong Province has nearly 30 years of experience in making the cakes that are often exchanged between friends and family on the holiday. Photos: VCG

  • A baker holds a tray in front of mooncake ingredients, such as walnuts, cashews and melon seeds. Photo: VCG

  • Mooncake filling is divvied into 120-gram portions. A finished mooncake weighs 250 grams. Photo: VCG

  • Bakers encase the filling with dough made of egg white and peanut oil. Photo: VCG

  • A baker pulls a tray of finished mooncakes from the oven. Photo: VCG

  • Bakers wrap the pastries for shipping. Photo: VCG

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