Heartwarming and creative inventions for pets

Source: Globaltimes.cn Published: 2017/9/7 11:54:45

Highlights: Check out these cat-traptions and other devices designed with a pet’s happiness in mind. Photos: VCG

  • Bertha the bunny is wheely-happy after being given the chance to walk again. After losing use of her hips, her devoted owner created a specially-designed wheelchair for her to move around the house in. Photo: Thomas Temple/rossparry.co.uk/VCG

  • Pictured is a set of foldable cardboard components that can be attached to create different structures for cats to romp around in. Photo: PoopyCat/BNPS/VCG

  • The "Pooch Selfie" is a tennis ball with a camera which can draw a pet's attention to the lens of a mobile phone so owners can take some hilarious selfies with their dogs. Photo: VCG

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