A close look at the PLA guard of honor on National Day

Source: Globaltimes.cn Published: 2017/10/1 10:49:09

Highlights: The PLA guard of honor, representing the Army, Navy and Air Force, escort the national flag. They train hard so as to safeguard the dignity of our national symbol. Photos: VCG

  • A team head uses a string to make sure the feet are level while practicing a goose step in Beijing in September 2016. Photo: VCG

  • A team for the guard of honor receive training at the Meridian Gate square of Palace Museum in Beijing as a crowd watches on September 26, 2016. Photo: VCG

  • The guard of honor trains under the hot sun at the Palace Museum in Beijing on June 24, 2016. Photo: VCG

  • Qiu Liang, an official for the PLA guard of honor, trains the team by using a stick to measure the distance between their arms on September 25, 2009.

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