EmoXi: the expressions of a president

Source: Agencies Published: 2015/9/30 0:30:55

  • Amiable face

    President Xi Jinping delivers a speech during a welcome banquet jointly hosted by Washington State government and friendly communities in Seattle, the US, on September 22, 2015.

  • Light step

    Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and US President Barack Obama take a walk before heading into their second meeting, at the Annenberg Retreat, California, the United States, on June 8, 2013.

  • Happy face

    Russian President Vladimir Putin gifts Chinese President, Xi Jinping (center), a Russian-made smartphone – the Yota Phone 2 – during their meeting in Beijing at the APEC summit, on November 10, 2014. It was reported that the gift handset has a tailored design such as screensaver pictures incorporating Chinese and Russian and APEC elements. Photo: Weibo.com/liyuanfans

  • Nose-kissing

    At Government House in Wellington, Chinese President Xi Jinping (center) receives a hongi, a traditional Maori welcome, from Maori elder Lewis Moeau as he arrives, on November 21, 2014. Photo: Xinhua

  • Unenthusiastic face

    Chinese President Xi Jinping (right) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold a meeting at the request of the Japanese side ahead of the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting in Beijing, China, on November 10, 2014. Photo: Xinhua

  • Relaxed foot

    Xi Jinping kicks a Gaelic football as he visits the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin, Ireland, in February, 2012. As a soccer fan, Xi is also concerned with the usual iteration of the sport in China. Photo: Xinhua

  • Firm face

    "If any problem arises in China, it will arise from inside the Communist Party. It's not easy for the country to foster cadre, especially senior ones. Over all these years, it has deeply saddened us to see the fall of officials, some holding high ranks, due to violations of Party discipline and state laws," Xi said during a nationwide teleconference in Beijing on October 8, 2014. Photo: Xinhua

  • Sad face

    President Xi expresses his condolences to a bereaved family after a deadly oil pipeline explosion in Qingdao, Shandong Province, on November 24, 2015.

  • Blessing face

    President Xi Jinping delivers his New Year speech through state broadcasters, in Beijing, China, on December 31, 2014. Photo: Xinhua

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