Senegal's pink lake of white gold

Source: Published: 2016/9/8 10:06:23

Highlights: Lake Retba, a striking pink lake in the northwest of Senegal, is famous for its high salinity and the pink algae flourishing in its waters. The popular tourist destination has now become a major salt producing factory, as locals toil to extract salt from the lake to sell on the international market. These scenes reveal a sharp contrast between the beautiful natural surroundings of the lake, and the hardship endured by the workers tasked with mining this white gold. Photos: CFP

  • Female workers transport salt in buckets on their heads on the shores of Lake Retba, Senegal, in July 2015.

  • A worker stands waist deep in the pink water as he dumps salt into his boat for transportation in Lake Retba, Senegal, July 2015.

  • A man uses a spade to dig through a giant pile of salt on the shores of Lake Retba, Senegal, in July 2015.

  • Workers stop for a chat among the mounds of salt that will be packaged and sold to countries all around the world.

  • Boats sit anchored in the pink waters of Lake Retba, ready to transport the salt back to shore.

  • Two women work together as they carry buckets of salt on their heads at the lakeside. Transporting heavy loads by balancing them on their heads is a traditional practice of Senegalese women.

  • A man carries salt back to his boat before it is ferried to shore.

  • A man works to collect salt from the lake, as a boatman watches patiently on.

  • A woman carries a bucket of salt on her head collected from a transport boat, which she will pour into one of the many salt piles on the shore.

  • Boats for transporting salt line up on the shore of Lake Retba.

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