British translator works on Shaanxi dialect

For British sinologist Robin Gilbank, taking the No.311 bus in the northwestern Chinese city of Xi'an is as enlightening as attending a lecture on Chinese literature.

Cultural performance held in Uganda to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

An exciting top-class performance by the Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupe has been the climax of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in Uganda's capital city Kampala.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/2/11 13:05:31

Chinese fashion designer brings art of Dunhuang to catwalk in New York

Chinese fashion designer Vivienne Hu will showcase her Fall/Winter 2018 line which is inspired by the murals of the Dunhuang grottoes, a 1,600-year-old UNESCO world heritage site in northwest China, at the ongoing New York Fashion Week (NYFW).
Source: Xinhua | 2018/2/10 23:12:28

China's Hainan lures global travelers with more than beaches

Yana Zhuravleva, 38, from Russia is so used to living in Hainan, a tropical island at the southern tip of China, that she plans to bring her mother and grandmother to live with her.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/2/8 21:06:34

Veeco Zhao designer savors individuality with eclectic fashion

Be they Alexander Wang, Anna Sui or Jimmy Choo, Chinese brands are on the up, getting noticed.
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/8 21:06:34

Turkish tourism authority makes Troy face to attract thousands of flights

Turkey's tourism industry has launched schemes to rely on the rising popularity of the ancient and enigmatic city of Troy to lure more tourists.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/2/8 21:06:33


Happy birthday: You are highly likely to run into several obstacles at work today. Do not allow others to take advantage of your quiet nature to place the blame for an issue on your shoulders. Although you may find it hard, you will have to stand and speak up for yourself. Your lucky numbers: 1, 4, 5, 13, 18.
Source: Global Times - AFP | 2018/2/8 18:43:15


Crossword for teabreak
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/8 18:43:15

Learning Chinese

Movie lines Despicable Me 3 卑鄙的我
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/8 18:43:14


Crossword for teabreak
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/8 17:53:40


Happy birthday: Trust your own judgement. Do not let someone else keep you from making what you know is the right move for you. Romantic tensions between you and that special someone will reach a peak today. Your lucky numbers: 3, 4, 6, 13, 17.
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/8 17:53:39

Learning Chinese

Chat attack upside-down fu 倒福
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/8 17:48:39

NY Fashion Week weathers #MeToo storm

New York Fashion Week kicks off the global fall/winter 2018 season fighting to stay relevant blighted by sexual harassment scandals, an industry in chaos, and designers jumping ship.
Source: AFP | 2018/2/7 18:03:39


Crossword for teabreak
Source: Global Times | 2018/2/7 16:28:40