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China-Russia bridge will heal old wounds

Standing at the construction site and seeing the piers rise one by one, it is not hard to comprehend the precious achievements derived from 30 years of effort. Now, finally, we can imagine the scene of the next 30 years when the two regions are closely connected.

Fundamental issues impede US-India ties

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US last week has become a hot topic among media outlets in India, the US and China over the past few days. The focus is not limited to Modi's first official trip to Washington since Trump's inauguration, or media in India and the US hyping up the China factor in the Modi-Trump summit, but also lies in Indian media claiming that the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) intruded onto "Indian territory."
Source: Global Times | 2017/7/2 21:23:39

Strategic communication necessary for Sino-Indian ties to strengthen

Attention should be paid to several aspects of the strategic communications between China and India. One is not revisiting old issues or disputes on which both have reached consensus already. Additionally, both sides should not be required to immediately form specific consensuses after high-level talks. And leaders of the two countries should take the initiative to discuss solutions to specific problems.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/29 18:43:39

Moon goes to Washington amid low expectations

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is paying his maiden foreign visit to Washington, but his trip may be tough, given that the two nations have not been on the same page on a variety of issues since Moon came to power in early May.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/29 18:38:40

Afghan-Pakistan mechanisms introduced by China key to regional reconciliation

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Afghanistan and Pakistan from June 24 to 25, as China takes over the rotating presidency of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This is the first time that a top Chinese official visited South-Central Asia since Pakistan joined the SCO. One of the important purposes of this visit was to improve relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and mediate in the Afghan reconciliation process.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/28 19:03:39

US unrealistic about turning India into a pawn

Pundits addicted to safeguarding US interests by reining in China had better take a drive along the Chengdu-Lhasa highway. When they see the well-protected environment, booming infrastructure and people's living conditions, they may stop thinking about Asian nations as Washington's pawns.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/28 18:58:39

Five challenges for China and ASEAN as region faces rebalance of power

This year marks the 50th anniversary of ASEAN. ASEAN, with a total area of 4.46 million square kilometers and a population of nearly 600 million, has come a long way in political, economic and regional cooperation, becoming the main cooperation mechanism in Southeast Asia.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/27 19:18:39

Modi, Trump don’t see eye to eye on bilateral ties

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the US early this week to meet President Donald Trump, business elites and representatives of Indian Americans. Modi's official trip to the US has received massive media coverage in India, focusing on Trump hosting a "working dinner" for Modi at the White House for the first time. In this regard, the Indian government has scored a win. However, US-Indian ties haven't made remarkable progress.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/27 19:08:39

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor takes form amid serious security concern

Many Chinese have serious concerns about the security environment and prospects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) after the recent kidnapping and alleged murder of their compatriots there.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/26 18:43:44

Can Moon close gap in US-S.Korea alliance?

The rift in the alliance may be patched up, but visionary South Korean politicians must have realized that the more consistent their policies are with American policies, the further they are from the path of independence.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/26 18:43:39

Infiltration of Islamic State into Southeast Asia brings lingering danger

The shadow of IS will linger in Southeast Asia for a long time, and gradually become more established and dangerous.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/25 19:08:40

Modi seeks partnership not alliance with US

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit the White House and meet US President Donald Trump on Monday. Trump spoke to Modi over the phone four days after he took office and said that the US considers India "a true friend and partner in addressing challenges around the world." This will be Modi's fifth visit to the US since he assumed power in 2014 and hence his visits to the US are far more frequent than former Indian prime ministers, indicating the importance of the US to India, and Modi's emphasis on US-Indian relations.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/25 19:03:40

Win-win result in Cambodia’s commune vote

On June 4, Cambodia held its commune elections, a crucial test for the country’s political strongman, incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has warned of “civil war” if his party loses.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/22 21:40:38

Belt and Road helps Nepal diversify relations and expand trade ties

These deals will be the gateway for Nepal to diversify trade and diplomatic relations beyond neighboring countries.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/22 19:03:39

Nutrition carries political message in India

After all, the challenge India faces is not that there are not enough eggs and meat for pregnant women and children, but whether eating them is politically correct.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/21 17:48:39

Can Singapore carry on Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy?

Lee’s alleged attempts to pass his political ambitions on to his son are highly likely to fail in Singapore.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/20 11:23:39

South China Sea issue drags Sino-Australian ties into rough waters

Australians lay so much emphasis on the South China Sea issue because they are uncertain about China’s strategic intentions, especially over the past two years when China’s comprehensive power has been escalating so fast, and its military presence in the region has been increasing so much.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/20 11:08:39

Nepal’s new leader expected to delicately balance Chinese and Indian influence

China, Nepal and India should strengthen cooperation, abandon zero-sum thinking, and seek win-win situations. It is believed that the Deuba administration has the ability to deal with China and India, and work toward the well-being of the Nepalese people. It is expected that Nepal, under the leadership of Deuba, will realize a democratic transition to lay a good foundation for long-term and stable development.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/19 21:28:39

Abe seeks diplomatic points via trilateral summit

Since the Abe administration has been showing a positive attitude toward the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road initiative since May, it should take actions as early as possible to show sincerity to improve ties with China. Otherwise, does it make any sense to hurriedly invite Chinese leaders to a meeting in Tokyo?
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/19 21:13:39