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Perils of overparenting

Overparenting is undesirable and stems from the parents' inadequacies and regrets in life. Such parenting can hurt children's development and lead to immature behavior in grown up individuals.
Source: Global Times | 2019/1/3 20:43:40


The Korean Peninsula's future in 2019 is still unknown.
Source: Global Times | 2019/1/2 21:18:40


US Democrats move to end government shutdown.
Source: Global Times | 2019/1/1 20:38:39

New year

2019 is coming.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/27 20:18:40

Bus marshals in Lanzhou

Lanzhou in northwest China's Gansu Province will have one person on every bus to shield the driver from unruly passengers.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/27 20:13:40


Winter is coming.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/26 21:18:39

Problem child

Donald Trump blames US Federal Reserve as "only problem" in US economy.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/25 20:58:39

Rocky market

US stocks suffered one of the worst weekly falls in a decade.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/24 18:43:39

Christmas holiday

The US government is now closed.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/23 19:38:39

Riding a shortage

China does not have enough regulations for use of bike deposits, which should have been regulated. Shared bikes have made short trips more convenient and China's bike-sharing industry will keep growing.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/20 20:38:40

Rocket man

Trump to create US Space Command
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/20 19:48:40

Wall climb-down

Will US President Donald Trump forgo border wall to avoid government shutdown?
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/19 20:23:41

Will there be a decent UK-EU divorce?

Theresa May sets January date for MPs' Brexit vote.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/18 19:03:39

Odd man out

EU-Japan FTA
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/16 20:40:16

Last legs

May won no confidence vote.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/13 21:23:40

Brace for 'colder' calls

There is enough resentment against marketing calls and mounting worries over privacy. It could get worse with AI jumping onto the bandwagon.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/13 19:48:40

Yellow Christmas

Can Macron end the yellow vest protest?
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/12 21:13:42

No global warming

The US is making troubles, again, at climate talks.
Source: Global Times | 2018/12/11 20:33:39