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Chunwan still a decent choice on eve of the Spring Festival

  • Source: Global Times
  • [22:23 February 10 2010]
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By Liu Xiaocong

As Spring Festival is approaching, chunwan is returning again. Although many argue that the quality of this nationwide program is not as entertaining as before, indeed it is coming back with a variety of benefits.

From an economic perspective, CCTV is a State-owned enterprise and chunwan is one of its most profitable products. In terms of advertising revenue, statistics show that CCTV, China's biggest broadcasting corporation, earned over 200 million yuan ($29.30 million) from last year's song-and-dance spectacular, double the ad sales of 2006. This year, the number will reach 650 million yuan ($95.15 million).

Against the backdrop of a global economic crisis, companies at home and abroad invested approximately 500 million yuan ($73.24 million) on the CCTV chunwan's stage in 2009. The time slot of chunwan is between 8 pm and 12:30 pm, each minute can take in over 1,851,851 yuan (pronounced "I will get rich" in Chinese.)

Then let's take a look at the cost. The title of "the most shining star of chunwan" will definitely go to Zhao Benshan, a famous comedian from Northeast China. His perfor-mance is always the most anticipated act and will undoubtedly win the whole country's laughter.

According to reports, he can earn 10,000 yuan ($1,464.75) for his 15-minute skit, which calculates at 666.6 yuan per minute.

On the other hand, many quasi-stars are elbowing their way into a short appearance on the show without asking for pay.

Compared to the income, the cost of hiring the cast can be ignored and thus the business is profitable for CCTV. Therefore, chunwan will be broadcast year after year consecutively.

The audience can absolutely say no to chunwan, but the quality of the show is not a sufficient reason to turn off the TV set. From the audience perspective, watching chunwan is safe.

Maybe the chunwan show is not as attractive as it once was, since there are more choices available: surfing online, 3D movies, copycat chunwan, and so on. However, none of them can substitute for the original chunwan.

The reason is simple. According to tradition, Chinese people are supposed to spend the Spring Festival together with their families. The warm atmosphere will be ruined if young people decide to focus on their laptop screens instead.

The number of Chinese netizens has grown increasingly, but we need to be aware that there are still plenty of people who are not accustomed to the new generation's obsession with cyber-entertainment.

Accordingly, to switch our attention onto the TV screen and criticize chunwan's quality with our parents is probably the best choice to keep the conversation going on in our family.

Apart from that, many traditional New Year's customs might be dangerous. Firecrackers can cause fires and fatal injuries. Mahjong is not a safe bet either. The winner should spend his or her winnings to treat others or the harmony of our family will be threatened by conflicts, since no one wants to lose money at the very beginning of the year.

The annual cable fee is about 150 yuan ($ 21.96). Compared to the cost of online entertainment, the four-hour-long chunwan is the safest and most economical way to celebrate the festival.

Last but not least, the Spring Festival needs chunwan too. The Spring Festival is in an awkward position now. Although it is regarded as the most important festival in China, compared to other traditional festivals, Chunjie is not special at all.

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