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No need to fear joint military exercise

Some Westerners, especially Americans, are vigilant about the benign relationship between China, Russia and Iran. They should examine themselves for such a mind-set. The joint military exercises will improve the three countries' friendship, and they are rational. Only those with guilty consciences will feel uneasy.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/26 21:54:27

2019 protests test each country's tenacity

In 2019, the Chinese mainland's system superiority helped the society respond soundly to the US-launched trade war, prevented Hong Kong's turmoil from spreading to the mainland and enabled the country to independently take necessary governance measures on the Xinjiang affairs so that peace and stability have been consolidated in the whole region.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/25 21:43:42

US provocations on Taiwan will eventually backfire

The US must understand that although Taiwan is the easiest part to provoke the Chinese mainland, it is also the most risky spot for the US.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/25 13:18:40

Western divisions lead to biased mentality

The US and Western political and public opinion elites should realize that the Western political system is unleashing negative energy that is splitting society. They should try to prevent such Western political logic extending to the outside world. This is the moral responsibility that they should assume facing human society in the 21st century.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/24 21:14:54

'Foreign forced labor' another fake story to slander China

Some Western media outlets allow people like Humphrey to expose nonsense, seemingly objective, but in fact they are using specious details to create an illusion about China. It must be said that this is shameful.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/24 12:28:40

Timing right for trilateral cooperation

Who am I? Who are my neighbors? What are my interests? Answers to these questions will inevitably produce a new dimension due to the changing times. Chinese, Japanese and South Korean societies should never turn numb in facing these major issues.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/23 21:13:40

Dirty public opinion war won't deter China's governance in Xinjiang

Human rights in the slogan cannot replace the rights that more than 20 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang cannot live without every day. Misunderstandings will eventually melt, lies will be deflated or laid bare with facts.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/23 13:52:28

US sanctions prove to be spent force

It is unrealistic and unnecessary to unite countries and boycott US bullying. But every country should resist unilateral US pressure in the service of its own interests. This would be a better choice than easy surrender to the US.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/22 20:36:47

West shows ill will to ignore Macao's boom

Before the return, Macao's GDP per capita was much lower than that of Hong Kong, but it is now nearly double that of Hong Kong. This refutes all kinds of arguments. Time will tell.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/20 22:08:40

Impeachment shows hypocrisy of partisan politics

To deal with a US that is undergoing domestic struggles, the Chinese people should have more patience and prepare for uncertainties. The US is the only superpower. We have no other choice but to cope with challenges from the US.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/19 22:08:40

Relaxing NK sanctions also benefits US

Sanctions are not almighty. Flexibly putting and lifting sanctions is in line with the real meaning of sanctions. It is regrettable to see Washington tightly holding on to sanctions.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/18 21:03:40

2nd aircraft carrier boosts China's defense ability

It's hoped the outside world would view the first China-built aircraft carrier from a positive perspective. China, the second-largest economy in the world, has also become strong militarily. This is a positive change for world peace.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/17 23:30:39

Macao's devt lesson for Hong Kong

If more Hongkongers can reflect on the region's development from Macao's experience, it will be beneficial to the future of Hong Kong.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/17 22:03:42

India, China treated differently by West on ethnic issue

The West attacks China's human rights cause not because China does not do well but because China has done exceedingly well in its comprehensive development. The Chinese people must be aware of this and let more people across the world understand it.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/16 22:23:40

US creates another unjust case against China

China is not a small country. If the US provokes China too much, China will inevitably launch countermeasures.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/16 21:38:10

Özil's anti-China post smack of extremism

Özil is not helping the Muslim world, but instead he is being used as a puppet by Western anti-China forces. Even so, his value to the West is also limited.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/16 16:28:40

Economic blueprint reassures Chinese public

There have been many discussions on whether China's economic growth would fall below 6 percent next year. If we can put the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference into practice, the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of the Chinese economy will gain momentum and little attention will be paid to the 6 percent growth benchmark. The Chinese economy will constantly rise to new heights and the Chinese people will benefit from it.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/13 18:58:40

Capitalism is losing appeal to Chinese

In terms of reform capacity, the Western capitalist countries, such as the US, are far from role models to the world.
Source: Global Times | 2019/12/12 21:48:40