US foreign aid cut would worsen global woes

At this critical juncture when the global order is experiencing a fundamental transformation and adjustment, inward-looking and utilitarian tendencies of a leader are obviously not a good thing. China can play its part, but certainly cannot replace or fulfill the role of the US.

Political reality trumps House of Cards

And then, for a bonus question, which I am sure no one can answer correctly other than the president himself: What does “covfefe” mean?
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/15 21:08:39

Western media shouldn't speculate when reporting on China

No matter what the reason is behind Wu’s stepping aside, the incident won’t have a ripple effect as Western media has speculated. These media outlets need to understand that Chinese society is not built around a few entrepreneurs.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 23:43:51

Law needs to intervene over Apple’s alleged monopoly

There is no need to incorporate nationalism into the matter. A company is suspected of using monopolistic practices to maximize profits, the market supervision department and the law should intervene. At a time when the rule of law is comprehensively advancing, Chinese society should become more accustomed to resorting to law when public interests have been violated.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 22:48:40

Chaos in Washington not good news for China

In the long-term, the current chaos in US politics will bring more uncertainties to the world. For China, the US will be a harder nut to crack.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 22:43:39

Global sharing

Bike-sharing expands globally
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 22:28:39

Oz media reports amount to a new Red Scare, and harm people building bridges

Do we need others to tell us who we should fear, who we are, and what needs to be offensive?
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 20:33:39

Can smartphones speed secularism in India?

No one can predict how long the rivalry between secularism and religion in India will last. But it is certain that such rivalry is the key factor to what kind of reforms and opening-up India will adopt.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 20:33:39

British vote heralds ‘golden China-UK time’

The long-waited, truly fruitful Golden China-UK Time is yet to come.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 20:28:40

Western politics can’t create consensus

On all accounts, the political division of Western society has presented severe challenges to the existing system.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/14 20:28:39

Will Rodman’s Pyongyang trip make an impact this time?

The US and North Korea will see closer ties if Washington wants peace, not just denuclearization, and Pyongyang wants security, instead of nuclear weapons. After all, nuclear weapons are tools for security. If the two countries can communicate seriously on the purpose of the nuclear activities, breakthroughs may be achieved. Whether Rodman’s “basketball diplomacy” can leave a mark in history will probably depends on his luck. We wish him good luck.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/13 23:43:39

Increasingly isolated

Panama broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/13 21:08:39

Pakistan deaths show new risks for China

How to react to terrorism groups when asked for ransom is an issue worth attention as well. The US once claimed that it would never pay ransom to kidnappers as this may encourage more kidnappings. Whether Washington’s way of handling the issue could be adopted as a universal practice is still hard to say. After all, each country has its respective national condition. Wisdom and time are needed for the Chinese government to find a solution to balance the need to go global and the need to lower the security risks for its citizens.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/13 18:53:39

Australian media sets misleading agenda on China

As the issue of China’s covert influence in Australia “ferments,” it is time for the two nations to cooperate, rather than talk past each other. For those who strongly believe that the Big Brother of the CPC is watching them, it is important to bear this question in mind: to what extent does Australia really matter in China’s domestic and foreign policy architecture?
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/13 17:43:40