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New Delhi will suffer losses if it plays Taiwan card

India wants benefits from the development of trade with Taiwan and Taiwanese investment. But it should be wary of Tsai's political intentions and avoid being used to confront the mainland. The best way for India to develop is by participating in the Belt and Road Initiative and attract more investments from the mainland.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/14 23:48:40

Rising racism in the US parallels Trump’s ascendency

Some recent incidents in the US may raise fears of rising racism. The student newspaper of Columbia University reported that door tags of students who have non-Western - specifically East Asian names in several residential halls had been ripped off, epitomizing the growing climate of racism and social division in US universities and across the country.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/14 0:10:04

Indonesia needs to keep religious influence out of election

There has been worry that rising right-wing Islamic political activism may cloud Jakarta ahead of heated gubernatorial elections. Over the past few months, demonstrations have been continually staged by Muslim protesters against Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, an ethnic Chinese Christian candidate running for re-election as Jakarta's governor, for his alleged insults against the Koran. On Saturday, tens of thousands of Indonesians held mass prayers at a national mosque, urging voters to reject Basuki in Wednesday's vote.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/12 23:48:39

One Belt, One Road can bring China and Russia closer

The Sputnik News Agency on Thursday quoted Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely participate in the One Belt and One Road summit in Beijing this May. If Putin attends the gathering, it will be of great significance to both Sino-Russian ties and the One Belt and One Road Initiative.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/9 23:18:39

Consensus needed to back India’s request

A bid by the US to get the UN to include Masood Azhar, the chief of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed, as a terrorist has been vetoed by China, according to Indian media, which accused China of pursuing double standards on terror.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/9 16:08:39

Vatican invitation a response to China’s progress

The invitation of Huang Jiefu, a former Chinese vice minister of health and current head of the National Human Organ Donation and Transplant Committee, to a Vatican conference on organ trafficking has sparked controversy. In view of the sensitivity of China-Vatican ties and stereotype Western impressions on China's organ transplantation, Vatican's invitation was interpreted as an olive branch extended by the Holy See to improve ties with Beijing but some human rights activists criticized it as "giving a propaganda boost to China" and an "air of legitimacy" to its transplantation program.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/7 23:43:39

France cannot restore greatness by closing its doors

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Sunday officially launched her bid to become the country's next president. Inspired by US President Donald Trump, she blasted globalization while vowing to put "France First" in her election manifesto.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/7 0:18:39

US campuses need to teach true history of Tibet

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) announced Thursday that the 14th Dalai Lama has been invited to address graduating students at commencement in June and speak at a second event on campus that will be open to the public. The announcement has triggered strong opposition from students from the Chinese mainland at the university.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/5 23:33:39

Helping stray soldier will help Sino-Indian understanding

Whether a Chinese soldier who has been trapped in India for over half a century can return home has garnered extensive attention.
Source: Global Times | 2017/2/3 0:08:39

Endurance needed in fight against Japan’s rightist forces

It’s irrational to boycott everything from Japan, but in the APA case, a boycott is useful.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/24 23:13:39

Territorial, historical issues drag down Northeast Asia

As a region that used to be dominated by development and cooperation, it is now shrouded in divergences and antagonism.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/23 23:08:39

Nationalism gives rise to ultra-rightist mood in Europe

Once nationalism goes to extremes, it will turn into a hotbed for far-right forces to thrive.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/22 23:48:39

Political slander sours Sino-Malaysian ties

It would be despicable if some ill-meaning people tried to fulfill their political motives by means of slandering Chinese investment.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/19 23:48:40

US can’t keep Asian leadership role with unilateralism

How to reasonably deal with relations with China and jointly provide public goods with Beijing is the key to maintaining the US’ position in Asia-Pacific affairs.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/18 23:38:40

May’s address sets off worry over disintegration of EU

EU skeptics argue that the integration is of little help in improving employment and creating prosperity. However, the problem doesn’t stem from globalization, rather it resulted from the EU’s worsening competitiveness.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/17 22:28:39

Ban Ki-moon fails to understand THAAD’s damaging effect

Even if the Blue House’s decision was made for defense, has Seoul ever pondered the consequence of turning Beijing hostile?
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/16 23:33:39

Inexperienced, complacent Trump stuns public

Calling for “America first,” Trump seemingly intends to eat up whatever interests other countries have in hand.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/15 16:43:39

China leads by striving to advance globalization

Given tricky international conundrums, simple resolutions such as trade protectionism will never work out.
Source: Global Times | 2017/1/12 23:48:39