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Chinese food sends message in Kim-Trump meeting

When Trump and Kim ate Yangzhou fried rice, it reminded me of a traditional Chinese saying: “You are what you eat.” It is a diet therapy developed by the Chinese over thousands of years.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/13 18:48:40

White House infighting distorts US policy

However, his advisers have their own calculations to push their agenda: Navarro, an anti-China obsessive, swore to launch a “trade war” against the country; trade liberals want to maintain the established global trade system so as to enable the US to continue to benefit from globalization; hawkish Bolton defies diplomatic means and believes that the North Korean issue and Iran cannot be solved without using military force; Pompeo has seen a window of opportunity to realize peace in Northeast Asia and wished to make a name by facilitating the Trump-Kim summit. From this point of view, it's not surprising that there is indecisiveness and chaos in the Trump administration and the farce is all there for the world to see.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/13 18:03:39

Do Chinese tourists lack respect for local customs and traditions?

In my opinion, the misbehavior of the Chinese women at the Osaka restaurant is not a result of lack of understanding of Japanese society, but a lack of discipline.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/12 18:18:40

Ugly racism festers despite development

It is always easy to make a group of people the butt of a joke and attack them with hate speech. Having this race bias is due to social conditioning, and it is sad since none of us are born racist. Our mind was never tainted with inequality or a deluded sense of superiority until society taught us to be so. Having lower tolerance of something foreign and being unconsciously biased is in some way a natural response, but we cannot allow this to happen.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/12 18:13:40

Iran seeks China help to allay predicament

On the other hand, China and Iran are likely to find common ground, especially over a new model to combat US financial hegemony, and a currency swap would be a good start. As Iran's largest oil importer and its biggest trading partner, China will continue to maintain normal economic and trade ties despite US sanctions.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/12 17:38:39

Australian minister sends positive signals about ties with China

Bilateral ties soured last year after some Australian politicians tried to play up what they called China's infiltration into the country and made provocative remarks on the South China Sea issue.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/12 15:08:39

New members will boost SCO's political strength

After the 2008 financial crisis, marked changes were seen in the regional economic landscape. Certain elements are impeding the momentum of development in the region. But now the situation has started to change. The SCO member states have begun to reach consensus. It is believed that after this summit, a series of crucial agreements will be inked over practical collaboration. The Agreement on International Road Transportation Facilitation was signed in 2014. It means construction of infrastructure among member states has already been linked. The question now is how to improve connectivity.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/11 21:08:39

SCO can help build a community of shared future

China, as the host of Qingdao summit as well as the founding member and driving force of the organization, has shown to other members and the world its dedication and commitment. It is inspiring to see the SCO take concrete measures to head for the big picture.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/11 21:03:40

With waning influence, G7 status challenged

Relations between the US and its allies, especially the European countries, may usher in a critical point after the Cold War. Europe and Canada both face a hard choice. The G7 as a club of developed countries is likely to decline in role and status.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/11 15:08:39

China's voice echoes at Shangri-La Dialogue

As a member of Chinese delegation that has been to the event several times, this year's SLD has impressed me a bit more about China's growing influence on world affairs, and made me realize the urgency of telling China's stories well.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/10 19:48:39

China cannot be left out on peace treaty

China might still need to be vigilant about possible subterfuge of South Korea and the US. The two countries may try to confuse abolishing the 1953 armistice with the so-called declaration.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/10 17:48:40

China-Russia relations scale new heights

Since Putin took office as Russian president in 2000, China-Russia relations have been on the upswing.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/10 16:38:39

To benefit all mankind, cooperation is needed

Today, by joining hands with the Belt and Road Initiative, the SCO can provide the strongest impetus for world economic growth and the largest market for Western technological products and services. Its development potential cannot be overlooked.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/8 17:14:52

Spanish politics a real 'Game of Thrones'

Prime minister Pedro Sánchez is not only a phoenix that rises from its ashes but also a political byproduct of the European convulsion. The global financial crisis in 2008 brought to Europe a new scenario. A growing social mobilization through the continent against the management of the crisis by governments and its effects on citizens.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/8 11:27:38

Con-artists train to steal hearts!

Women must be careful not to get caught up in the web of “spurious romance.”
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/8 0:03:40

Stars should stop 'acting smart,' start paying tax

China has planned to develop the cultural industry into a pillar of the national economy by 2020. It's imperative to regulate the distorted and scandal-ridden business. Strong action is needed to pull it back onto the right track.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/8 0:03:39

Why Trump can get away with anything

Many politicians before Trump often disappointed supporters for taking the high moral ground. Trump gets a free ride for going in the opposite direction. For the rest, who are in the middle, Barr has shown what they may get by following in the president's footsteps.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/7 20:23:40

SCO to promote India-Pakistan amity

It is high time for South Asia to rise as a region and that is possible only when Islamabad and New Delhi start negotiating peace and join hands. It is desirable that in their first meeting as SCO member states, Pakistan and India will take steps toward amity; otherwise political issues between the two will keep delaying their progress and growth.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/7 20:13:40