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Traditional peony paintings by village artists decorate CIIE

Lego model of world's biggest hydraulic excavator

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CIIE Anti-static hair dryer that can massage

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CIIE 2019: The exhibition stall of France

A glimpse of the inside of Italian patrol vessel

Robots shine at CIIE 2019

2nd CIIE in 60 seconds

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World's 1st battery-free portable skin environment detector exhibited in Shanghai

Table tennis robot with AI coaching capabilities displayed at CIIE

3D-printed humanoid robot debuts at the 2nd CIIE in Shanghai

Diplomats' recommendation for CIIE

Real-artificial partnership

Customized skincare

Engine of the future

Robotically synchronized

CIIE2019 sneak peek: Luxurious antique car unveiled

Sneak peak at CIIE2019: Flying car to make 2nd appearance

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