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Postponed Olympics will be canceled if pandemic not over: Games chief

The postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be canceled if the coronavirus pandemic isn't brought under control by next year, the organizing committee's president said.
Soure:AFP: 2020/4/28 21:28:40

1-year postponement of Olympics creates tough period for veterans

For some Olympic athletes, the delay means an extra year to prepare. But it might be a bit tough for elder Olympians, who are trying to prove "age is just a number," whose sporting capabilities to decline are inevitable. Here we picked up several veterans that face such a dilemma.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/4/25 13:53:41

Olympic sports federations fret over lost Games income

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and the shutdown of the sporting calendar because of the coronavirus pandemic are going to hit international sports federations hard financially.
Soure:AFP: 2020/4/2 21:33:40

Postponement of Tokyo Olympics to have limited impact on Beijing 2022 marketing: analysts

The postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for a year has raised concerns over a reduced marketing period for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, but analysts believe the impact will be limited.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/3/31 17:28:41

Bananas, baseball and headaches

Japan's Olympic delay has upended years of careful planning by organizers and spawned costly headaches for small businesses, hotels and even pro baseball teams, compounding a $12 billion price tag.
Soure:Reuters: 2020/3/30 17:38:40

Tokyo organizers eye July 2021 for delayed Olympics: reports

Tokyo Olympics organizers are eyeing next July as a start date for the postponed Games, Japanese media reported Sunday, following the historic decision to delay the event due to the coronavirus.
Soure:AFP: 2020/3/29 16:33:40

Gatlin inspired by NFL's Brady, vows to race in 2021 Olympics

Veteran US sprinter Justin Gatlin says he is drawing inspiration from NFL superstar Tom Brady and plans to compete in the postponed Tokyo Olympics.
Soure:AFP: 2020/3/26 17:18:41

Rescheduled Olympics needs 'sacrifices': Bach

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said Wednesday that the postponed Tokyo Games would require "sacrifices and compromises" from all sides to make them work.
Soure:Agencies: 2020/3/26 17:08:40

Japan awakes to reality of Tokyo Games postponement

Japan awoke on Wednesday to the deflating reality that the Olympics they had hoped to host in Tokyo this summer were now probably 16 months away after the coronavirus crisis forced organizers into an unprecedented postponement.
Soure:Reuters: 2020/3/25 16:58:40

Tokyo Olympics postponement 'harsh but right decision': commentator

The Tokyo Olympics were postponed on Tuesday until 2021, the first such delay in the Games' 124-year modern history, as the coronavirus pandemic has sent world sporting events into chaos. 2020/3/25 0:40:36

Australia tells athletes to prepare for 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games

Australian Olympic officials Monday said "it was clear" that the Tokyo Games could not go ahead as scheduled and told its athletes to instead prepare for the event in 2021.
Soure:AFP: 2020/3/23 17:23:42

The 'cursed Olympics'

Tokyo 2020 organizers have started drafting possible alternatives to holding the Olympics this summer, two sources familiar with the talks said, in contrast to the Japanese government's stance that postponement is not an option.
Soure:Reuters: 2020/3/22 17:48:40

3 Chinese fencers infected with coronavirus in Hungary

Three Chinese national fencing athletes have tested positive for the novel coronavirus after participating in a fencing event earlier this month in Hungary. The team is the first Chinese national team to confirm players have been infected with the coronavirus.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/3/20 18:18:56

A lookback of canceled 1940 Tokyo Games

Fears are growing that this year's Olympics may be postponed or axed because of the coronavirus pandemic but Japan has been here before - the cancelled summer Games of 1940 were also due to be hosted in Tokyo.
Soure:AFP: 2020/3/19 23:43:40

Tokyo Olympics chief attended meeting with official who has virus

Tokyo 2020 Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori attended a meeting on March 10 that included the deputy head of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) who tested positive for the new coronavirus this week, officials said.
Soure:Reuters: 2020/3/19 17:38:42

IOC calls for calm

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Tuesday it was not the time for "drastic decisions" over the staging of the Tokyo Olympics, which has not yet been postponed because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
Soure:AFP: 2020/3/18 18:03:40

Postponing Tokyo Olympics would be a more reasonable choice for all

Though the International Olympic Committee reiterated Tuesday that the Tokyo Olympics will go ahead and there is no need for any drastic decisions at this stage, do we really need an Olympics when things are far from settling down? 2020/3/18 4:34:04

Japan's Abe says G7 supports 'complete' Games

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday that Group of Seven leaders had agreed to support a “complete” Olympics, but dodged questions about whether any of the leaders had brought up the possibility of postponement.
Soure:AFP: 2020/3/17 18:23:40